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Bartender Toolkit 1.1
The Bartender Toolkit software package is ideal software for bartenders, bar owners, managers, restaurant staff, employees, and anyone with an interest in bartending, wine knowledge, or the hospitality industry.

Drink Recipe Database and Much More!
The Bartender Toolkit software runs on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC and your desktop PC, tablet computer, or laptop. The software includes an extensive drink recipe guide with over 1000 drink recipes! The drink database allows you to search for drinks by name or search for an ingredient and the software will give you common drinks containing the specific ingredient you're searching for! There is also a wine guide that shows how to pair wines with different foods and general wine knowledge.

The Bartender Toolkit contains forms for Incident Reports, Party Bartending Contracts and more. This feature makes it more than just software for drink recipes. These forms along with other features like the wine guide and flavor guide make the Bartender Toolkit an invaluable software tool for bar owners, bartenders, restaurant owners, managers, employees, and anyone in the hospitality industry.

The cost of Bartender Toolkit Software is $29.95. This cost includes both the PC and Pocket PC versions of the software.

S P E C I A L O F F E R ! ! !
Order the Bartenders Training Manual & Recipe Guide and receive the Bartender Toolkit Software for FREE!

Bartending Software for PDA Pocket PCs


Bartending Software Features: Drink Recipe Database


Bartending Software for PDA Pocket PCs

Bartending Software for PDA Pocket PCs

Bartending Software for PDA Pocket PCs

Drink Recipes on your Cell Phone Works on Pocket PCs and Cell Phones with Windows Mobile
Bartender Drink Recipes on your Cell PhoneThe Bartender Toolkit Software is designed to work on Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 5 or higher. Many PDAs currently available run the Windows Mobile operating system and some cell phones are also capable of running the software. Check with your cell phone provider to find out if the software will work with your phone.

Drink Recipe Database
Drink Recipe Database
The Bartender Toolkit software includes an extensive drink recipe database. The database allows you to look up drink recipes instantly when searching by drink name or by ingredient(s)!

responsible serving of alcohol The Bartender Toolkit software can be an invaluable tool for recording attempts to purchase alcohol using an ID that is possibly fraudulent. Having these forms and recording these incidents in a log can also help settle disputes or lawsuits regarding sales to minors.

Incident Report Log Incident Report Log
Incidents or injuries can be used by unscrupulous people to sue you or your bar. These reports are designed to help the bartender or server document occurrences in the bar and avoid lawsuits. The Bartender Toolkit software contains an incident report log and an injury report log. These logs are saved in either softcopy or hardcopy to ensure you have a record of incidents that happen in your establishment.

Party Bartending Contracts & Forms Party Bartending Contract & Forms
Another great source of income for an experienced bartender is tending bar at a private party. You can do this as a part-time job on the side, and eventually start your own business and expand party bartending into full-time employment. The Bartender Toolkit software includes contracts and forms necessary to bartend private parties and functions..

Wine Guide, Pairing food with wines Wine Guide (Pairing Food with Wines)
The number one rule of wine is to serve the customers what they like. The wine guide will allow you to suggest a wine that will compliment the customer's dinner selection.

Garnish Guide Garnish Guide
The garnish guide will help you choose the appropriate garnish type depending on the type of alcohol or the type of drink.

Bartend Employment Guide Employment Guide
The employment guide has valuable information about finding a great bartending job in your area. There are sections with interview tips, employment tips, where to find work and how to get hired, places to bartend when bars aren't hiring, and more.

Sample Bartending Resume Sample Resume
A sample resume is included with the software for bartenders, servers, waiters, or waitresses. The sample bartending resume can be customized with your own information and used when you're out looking for jobs in your area.
PSCC Online Training
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