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Alcohol server certification (bartender license) and food safety for handlers training

for sellers/servers in the hospitality industry

Do you need a bartender license to sell / serve alcohol?

Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Course
Responsible Serving of Alcohol / Bartender License
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Get an alcohol seller/server permit - commonly referred to as a "bartender license"*
per student or
$4.98 w/ Employer Account

Do you need a certificate to serve or prepare food?

Food Safety for Handlers Course
Food Handler Card - Food Safety Course
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Do you serve or prepare food? Obtain your food handler card for food safety
per student or
$3.95 w/ Employer Account

Need to train
a team?

Employer Discounts

Train your team
Purchase compliance courses for serving alcohol / food safety with discount pricing

Employer account setup for your establishment is FREE!

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*State approved training for Responsible Serving® of Alcohol

Do you need a bartending license or alcohol server certification or permit?

Many states now require that anyone who sells or serves alcohol must take alcohol compliance server certification training.


  • Student Support by Phone / Email:
    PSCC is backed by a professional support staff that can answer your questions personally by phone, 12 hours a day!
    Support staff based in USA!

  • Quality Compliance Training / Proven Methods:
    We have owned and operated traditional bartending & hospitality - compliance training schools in metropolitan cities since 1987. PSCC is not just another online bartending school! PSCC works with state liquor control boards to ensure that compliance training courses meet state requirements.

  • Interactive Learning System:
    The online interactive courses developed by PSCC are state of the art and include text, audio, video, images, flashcards, and interactive quizzes. The interactive learning system ensures an engaged and effective learning process.

  • Liquor Liability Insurance Discounts
    Discounts on liquor liability insurance may be available to restaurant or bar owners whose staff of bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and servers are certified. We have worked with liquor liability insurance companies to ensure that our alcohol compliance training meets or exceeds the standards for alcohol server certification. Check with your liquor liability insurance agent to see if you would be eligible for insurance discounts if your employees are certified through our program. For more information, click the link below.

    More Liquor Liability Insurance Information

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