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Arizona Title 4 MANAGEMENT Responsible Serving®

Arizona Title 4 Alcohol Training

Arizona Title 4 MANAGEMENT Responsible Serving®

Title 4 Alcohol Training Information

Arizona Title 4 MANAGEMENT Responsible Serving®

Arizona Title 4 Alcohol Training Course Approval

Arizona course approval - 1421215200Arizona.pngRserving's Title 4 MANAGEMENT Training Course is approved by the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control for the MANAGEMENT Title 4 Training which is required for most liquor license owners, agents and managers actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Rserving's Title 4 MANAGEMENT training course includes both the BASIC and MANAGEMENT components required for managers and both a BASIC certificate and a MANAGEMENT certificate will be issued upon completion of this course.

You can complete the online Arizona MANAGEMENT training at your convenience and upon successful completion of the course, you can print your official Certificate of Completion for MANAGEMENT Title 4 training instantly or call or email us and we can send it out to you in the mail.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to operate and manage a licensed retail liquor establishment in Arizona, including the definition of a licensed premise, how to apply for an Arizona liquor license, the requirements for application and the application process, the requirements for licensure in Arizona, ownership types, the Arizona license application procedure, the steps required to alter a licensed premises or change the business name, patio requirements, the required posting and signage requirements in Arizona, record keeping and employee log requirements, restaurant requirements and audit preparation, required reporting, Arizona management responsibilities, advertising and marketing restrictions, rules for holding sampling and tasting events, and much more!

Employers receive discount pricing.
Discover the responsible management skills that will provide a safe environment to sell and serve alcoholic beverages. This course will teach you to recognize the potential risks of irresponsible alcoholic beverage service practices, develop responsible service policies and procedures for your employees, and implement basic principles for responsible beverage service in all areas of your business including marketing and promotion, age identification, intoxication, and security.

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Arizona Title 4 MANAGEMENT Responsible Serving®

Arizona Title 4 Alcohol Training

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