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Employer Account Pricing

  • Responsible Serving® of Alcohol - $3.98
  • Food Safety for Handlers - $3.95
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - $3.99
  • UST Class C Operator Training - $9.75
  • Food Manager Recertification - $49.95

*Reselling Rserving® courses is a violation of copyright laws.

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Rserving - Employer AccountsLearn more about the process of enrolling employees by viewing our tutorials below. 

Employer Account Tutorials:
  1. Signup For An Employer Account Above
  2. Employer Account Tutorial (Part 2: Purchasing Courses)
  3. Employer Account Tutorial (Part 3: Distributing Courses)
  4. Employer Account Tutorial (Part 4: Tracking Your Employees/Printing Certificates)

Employer Account Tutorial (Communication Tools)

    Signing Up for the Employer Account is Free. An Employer Account allows you to purchase courses for only $3.98 for Responsible Serving® of Alcohol (bartender license), only $3.95 for the Food Handler Course and track your employee progress.
    • Sign up for free
    • Purchase Responsible Serving® of Alcohol courses for $3.98
    • Track employee progress and print certificates instantly
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    Cost Savings for Employers / Bar Owners

    Bar or Restaurant owners, employers, and managers have several cost-saving options for getting their employees trained and certified in Responsible Serving® for Food Safety & Responsible Serving® for Alcohol.  

    This option allows you to sign up for a free account where you can log in and purchase discounted courses for your employees, as needed.
    • Discounted Course Enrollment; order as needed
    • Student / employee tracking (online)
    • Student login from

    Employers can monitor course progress by employees, archive/print employee certificates, and get new staff members certified.  The cost for an employer package is normally a one-time setup fee of only $95.00 but we're currently waiving the setup fee and you can sign up as an employer for free.
    Rserving - PSCC
    ANSI ASTM Certificate Issuer #1185 PSCC / Rserving BBB Listing

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    Compliance Courses

    Responsible Serving of Alcohol Course
    Responsible Serving of Alcohol Course

    commonly referred to as: "Bartender License"


    Food Safety for Handlers Course
    Food Safety for Handlers Course

    commonly referred to as: "Food Handler Card"


    Job Skills / Training

    Waiter/Waitress Course
    Waiter/Waitress Course


    Wine Knowledge Course
    Wine Course


    Liquor Knowledge Course
    Liquor Knowledge Course


    Gratuity Secrets Course
    Gratuity Secrets Course


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