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Employer Discounts!

An "Employer Account" allows you to purchase courses with discount pricing

Train your team

Benefits of an Employer Account:

  • Purchase courses at discounted rates
  • Purchase courses as needed
  • Provide them to your employees / team members
  • Track your employees' progress
  • Archive/print employees' certificates

The employer account setup for your establishment is FREE!

Employer Account Signup:

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Fill out the form to signup for an employer account

(no charge)

You will be logged in immediately so you can purchase courses at the reduced employer rate.

You will also be emailed with a username and password to log in with in the future to
  • purchase courses at discounted rates
  • monitor employee progress
  • and print certificates
  • first purchase minimum is $19
  • course tokens do not expire
  • courses cannot be resold*
*Reselling Rserving® courses is a violation of copyright laws.

Employer Account Tutorials:

Employer Account Tutorials Learn more about the process of enrolling employees by viewing the tutorials.
  1. Signup For An Employer Account Above

  2. Employer Account Tutorial (Part 2: Purchasing Courses)

  3. Employer Account Tutorial (Part 3: Distributing Courses)

  4. Employer Account Tutorial (Part 4: Tracking Your Employees/Printing Certificates)

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