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Liquor Knowledge Course, Bartender Training

Why take this course? There are two separate issues to being a good bartender. One is customer service and the other is product knowledge. You could be the best server in the world, but you will never become a master bartender without product knowledge. Good bartenders know that product knowledge is the difference between serving beer for a few dollars a night in tips versus serving top-shelf drinks where customers pay top money and "rely on you" for that special drink.

Liquor Knowledge

Years ago, bartenders made money on volume, whether it was a big bar or a little bar, everyone drank large quantities, and DWIs and DUIs were not an issue. Now, bartenders have to be careful not to overserve. To make money today, a bartender must have a large number of customers that come back often and have a drink or two. As a bartender you have to offer the person something to entice them to come back. Product knowledge gives you the ability to recognize what a customer likes and recommend the best drinks that will keep them coming back.

Alcohol knowledge takes time to learn, but learning it will not only make you a better bartender, it will increase the level of respect you receive from your customers and co-workers. This will ultimately allow you to work wherever, whenever you choose and to always be successful. At the very least, learning the techniques from this course will help you increase your current bottom line and help you bring more money home.

The cost of certification through this course is $19.95. If you are a bar owner or employer and would like to get your entire bar staff certified, the cost is $95 for setup and $9.95 per person.

General Information
This course is set up to allow you to advance your bartending knowledge, through easy-to-master lessons. As you progress through the course, you will learn specific and detailed information about a variety of liquor beverages which are served in today's bars and restaurants.

How long does the course take?
You will use Interactive Flash Cards to practice the concepts from each lesson. This course normally takes 40 - 50 hours of lessons and flash cards. But the key to your success depends on you. There is no substitute for practice. The course is self-paced so you can take as much or as little time as you wish to complete the course.

How can I sign up?
You can enroll through the online form using a credit card and get instant access online. Click the Enroll link to go to the enrollment form.

PSCC Online Training
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PSCC's Responsible Serving Course provides official certification for alcohol servers and sellers, and possible insurance discounts for establishments.


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