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This course can be used to train your employees in responsible tobacco sales in Idaho. It covers federal tobacco regulations as well as Idaho state laws regarding tobacco sales and includes all the requirements established in the "Prevention of Minors' Access to Tobacco Act (Title 39 Health and Safety, Chapter 57 Prevention of Minors' Access To Tobacco)." Training and documentation of training in accordance with the Idaho Prevention of Minors Act can result in a tobacco retailer's penalies being waived or reduced if an employee who has completed the training subsequently commits a violation.

Responsible Serving® of Tobacco

Idaho Responsible Serving® of Tobacco Information

The Responsible Serving of Tobacco course lessons will give employees who sell tobacco products the training needed to sell tobacco products responsibly. 

As the student moves through the online course, he/she will be introduced to the federal regulations governing the sale of tobacco and the effects of tobacco use and emerge with a solid understanding of your responsibilities as a tobacco seller.

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Responsible Serving® of Tobacco $9.95

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