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Finding a Bartending Job or Employment as a Seller / Server

It is important to understand that the hospitality industry is a fast-paced, highly competitive industry where customer service is the ultimate goal. Some states require bartenders, sellers, and servers to be certified through a responsible serving program to work behind a bar or to deliver alcoholic beverages to customers. It is also important to become certified through a responsible serving program because this can sometimes get your employer a break on their liquor liability insurance. This is something you should mention during the interview process. Some bar owners / bar managers may not even know that they can save money on their insurance by having the servers certified. Having this certificate makes you more employable and also makes you a more professional bartender, seller, or server.

What Certificates Do I Need?

You probably already know how important it is to have a responsible serving certificate but you may be wondering how important it is to have other types of certifications. These additional certification courses don't cost very much time or money and having these certifications can make you stand out above other applicants when you are interviewing for a job and the knowledge you obtain from these courses can help you earn a few extra dollars in tips every night. It doesn't take too many nights of earning an extra 10 dollars in tips to pay for the additional training and certifications and these qualifications can also help you advance in your hospitality career as a bartender, seller, server, waiter, or waitress. Master Bartender Interactive Course Package
PSCC Online Training & Certification
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PSCC Online Certification for Bartending


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