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What does the Responsible Serving® course teach me?

Bartender License - Responsible ServingThe responsible serving course (also called "bartender license" course) teaches you how to serve alcohol responsibly.

Topics in this course include:
  • how to spot a fake ID
  • how to tell when someone is intoxicated
  • how to cut someone off when they've had too much to drink
  • legal responsibilities of a server
  • state laws for serving alcohol

What are the benefits of taking a course like this?

The Responsible Server course is required to serve alcohol in some states. Some bars or restaurants may also require that you take a course that deals with responsible serving in order to lower the bar or restaurant's insurance rates. Having this certification will also help you to stand out from other applicants when you apply for a position. In most states, you will receive your official bartender's license / wallet card in the mail upon completion of the course (depending on your state's requirements)
Responsible Serving®, is a registered trademark of the Professional Server Certification Corporation (PSCC).

Responsible Serving of
Alcohol Course

Responsible Serving of Alcohol Course


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What does the responsible server course teach me?

What are the benefits of taking a course like this?

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